Company Profile

Based in Mumbai (Maharashtra,India),our complete commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made us global leaders in the industry. We, Anaesthetics India Pvt. Ltd., are well recognized in the health care industry for providing high quality equipments to raise the standards of healthcare globally. We have a state of the art production facility which allows us to produce our products adhering to the industry ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 standards. Further, our highly customer centric approach has garnered the trust of numerous customers all over the world.Today, our name is well recognized amongst the global health care fraternity as providers of cutting edge hospital as well as OT equipment including Laryngoscopes, Intubation accessories, and many others. Further, Our market leading rates and ethical work practices has made us favorites of customers all over the world.

Product Range

We,Anaesthetics India PVT LTD, are renowned globally for providing high quality healthcare equipments .Some of the products that we offer are

  • Silicone Resuscitators
    • Adult Silicone Resuscitator
    • Large Child Silicone Resuscitator
    • Child Silicone Resuscitator
    • Infant Silicone Resuscitator
    • Large Reservoir Bag
    • Small Reservoir Bag
    • Corrugated Breathing Tube with Mounts
    • Valve Type "L" with Blow Off
  • Stylets
    • Reusable Malleable Stylets
    • Reusable Fibrelite Stylet with Handle
    • Disposable Directable Stylet
    • Disposable Bougie
    • Dr. Talwalkar's Bougie (Thickness 4mm X Length 700mm)
    • Dr. Talwalkar's Bougie (Thickness 3mm X Length 500mm)
  • Magill Forceps
    • Magill Forceps - Adult
    • Magill Forceps - Child
    • Magill Forceps Infant
  • Oxygen Therapy Equipment
    • Oxygen Single Stage Regulators
    • Oxygen Double Stage Regulators
    • Nitrous Oxide Regulator
    • Air Regulator
    • Oxygen Flowmeters
    • Humidifiers
    • Fine Adjustment Valve
    • Oxygen Nasal Cannula
    • Oxygen Mask Plain
    • Oxygen Mask with % control
    • High Concentration Mask
    • Oxygen Mask with Nebuliser
    • Nibuliser Mouth Kit
    • Self Sealing Valve
    • Safety Key Plug
    • Terminal Units
    • Direct Probe
  • Hospital Pipeline Aceesories
    • Single / Twin Pipeline Adaptor
    • Self Sealing Valves
    • Safety Key Plugs
    • Minimum Contact Gauges & Gas Failure Alarm for Pipelines
    • Vacuum Regulators
    • Theatre Vacuum Unit with Trolley
    • Twin Carry Vacuum Unit with Stand
    • Vacuum Units
  • Anaesthesia Apparatus & Accessories
    • Rotameter Units
    • Yokes
    • Emergency Oxygen Units
    • Oxygen Failure Alarm
    • Goldman Halothane Vaporizer
    • Change Over Units
    • Preset Regulators
    • Cut off Regulators
    • Cylinder Conversion Units - Oxygen
    • Cylinder Conversion Units - Nitrous Oxide
  • Laryngoscopy Equipments
    • Conventional Laryngoscope Handles
    • Convetional Laryngoscope Blades
    • Convetional LED Laryngoscope Blades
    • Green System Laryngoscope Handles
    • Green System Laryngoscope Blades
    • Disposable Fibre-Optic Laryngoscope Blade
    • Stubby Laryngoscope
    • Handle Penlite Laryngoscope Handle
    • Macintosh Blades American Profile
    • Macintosh Blades English Profile
    • Miller Laryngoscope Blade
    • Trupti (Flexitip) Laryngoscope Blade
    • Green System Stubby Laryngoscope Handle Green System Penlite Laryngoscope Handle
  • Airways
    • Guedel Airways
    • Nasopharyngeal Airways
  • Anaesthesia& Ventilator Circuits
    • Bain Circuit
    • Jackson Rees Paediatric Circuits
    • Bain Mapleson Circuit
    • Anaesthesia Paediatric Circuit
    • Ventilator Circuit - Paediatric
    • Ventilator Circuit Pediatric with 1 Water Trap
    • Ventilator Circuit Pediatric with 2 Water Trap
    • Ventilator Circuit - Neonatal
    • Ventilator Circuit Neonatal with 2 Water Trap
    • Magill Semi - Open Circuits
    • Magill Closed Circuits
  • Anaesthetics Rubber Facemask & Accessories
    • Rubber Facemask
    • Silicon Rubber Hoses
  • Breathing Bags
    • Breathing Bag (Size 0.5 Ltr.)
    • Breathing Bag (Size 1.0 Ltr.)Breathing Bag (Size 1.5 Ltr.)
    • Breathing Bag (Size 2.0 Ltr.)
    • Breathing Bag (Size 3.0 Ltr.)
  • Suction Equipments
    • Vacuum Regulator for High Suction - 0 to 760mm Hg
    • Vacuum Regulator for Medium Suction - 0 to 500mm Hg
    • Vacuum Regulator for Low Suction - 0 to 200mm Hg
    • Vacuum Units (Capacity 600ml)
    • Vacuum Units (Capacity 1000ml)
    • Vacuum Units (Capacity 2000ml)
    • Vacuum Units (Capacity 4000ml)
    • Vacuum Twin Carry units with Stand

Key Facts

Nature of Business

Manufacturer, exporter and Supplier

Year of Establishment


No. of Employees


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No. of Production Units


Production Type

Automatic and Semi-Automatic

Monthly Production Capacity

As per client's requirement

Working as an Original Equipment Manufacturer


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Annual Turnover

INR 5 Crores

Company Registration No


Standard Certifications

ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003

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Amar Business Centre, 1st Floor, Ram Mandir Road, Goregaon (West), Mumbai Maharashtra India +918037301996
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